YA Book Review – Gregor the Overlander & the Marks of Secret


The Marks of Secret is the fourth installment of Suzanne Collins’ Gregor the Overlander series and takes us for another adventure in the Underland. The series is centered around an 11 year old boy from New York City who does his best Alice impression by falling down the rabbit hole and finding himself in a subterranean world. In the Underland, humans exist along side giant, talking creatures (rats, bats, cockroaches, mice, and more) and there is an constant struggle for power. Gregor discovers he is the center of a set of prophecies about an Overlander warrior who is key in the future of the Underland. In the first three books, there was a resolution to the conflict and Gregor returned home, but in Marks of Secret, Collins takes the reader along for a ride that resembles a Peter Jackson movie. Continue reading