Finding the Elusive MG Voice


I had the opportunity last week to attend a webinar hosted by Kristin Nelson, President of Nelson Literary Agency.  While the topic focused on first pages across an array of genres, a comment she made stuck in my head.  She mentioned that capturing the MG voice is the second toughest thing to do in writing, hardest is writing a picture book. Continue reading


YA Review – The Fellowship for Alien Detection by @kcemerson

Fellowship Alien Detection

With last weekend’s writing conference behind me, I am almost finished reviewing the books I read over the past few months.  So, let’s go…

The Fellowship for Alien Detection by Kevin Emerson was on my Goodreads list in the spring and was excited to digging in.  The title alone is so unique and begged me to find out what the “Fellowship” was all about. When I saw it in my local library, I snagged it quickly. Continue reading