Creating a Road Map for Your MS

road map

Every year, the holiday season throws a wrench into my writing. My kids are out of school, relatives come into town to visit, and all the other related festivities. All the joy and celebration makes it near impossible for me to carve out writing time.

For me, taking an extended period of time away from my story leaves me with a type of plot amnesia. I look back through what I have written (more about on another day) and try to remember all those good ideas I had a few weeks ago. Maybe its all the eating, drinking and being merry, but I lose direction on “what’s next.”

Instead of feeling frustrated, I decided to buy a bulletin board and index cards. For an afternoon, I created a road map for my story. Chapter by chapter, I listed key plot points, so if I am wondering where I am going next, I can check the board and get to work on creating.

Each writer is different, so the board and card approach may not work for you, but find out what does. Having a clear picture of where you are heading next will lead you to completing your manuscript.

Happy writing!


One thought on “Creating a Road Map for Your MS

  1. This a good idea,however L am from the old school. I sometimes back my process with a tape message that can imply feelings and mood. Just a thought.

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