Fueling your Creative Engine


Occasionally, life provides enough distractions, obligations, and crises that my writing becomes that thing I really want to do/need to do, but can’t seem to get to. When this happens, all the momentum and mojo that was once flowing from my fingers onto the computer screen gets lost.

At times like these, I find myself typing and deleting, staring at the screen like it has betrayed me. In order to move forward, I have to find something to supercharge my creative juices. While I have yet to find a vitamin supplement or super food to provide that spark, I have discovered two things that inspire me to get back on the proverbial horse.

The first is a writer’s retreat. If you have the chance to get away with a few fellow writers, do it. My critique group arranged a weekend in the mountains with the sole purpose of writing, sharing and editing. The weekend away gave me an opportunity to focus 100% on my manuscript. At the end of the two days, I had accomplished more than I could and left with notes that would carry my writing for weeks. Mission accomplished!

The second source of inspiration was volunteering at my kids’ elementary school book fair. While I worked, I was able to flip through dozens of books to see how other authors presented their stories and what topics are popular. Also, I figured if I write for children, why not spend time with my audience while they are focused on books. Listening to the kids talk about what books they like, and don’t, was the equivalent to market research. Their energy put extra fuel in my creative engine and I needed to speed home to write. Pure GOLD!

With a new found inspiration, I am back on track and ready to put finger to key. While these two things may not be what you need, I encourage you to find what puts fuel into your creative tank. It will be time well spent.


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