And the winner is…

Today I mailed out my submission for the Southern Breeze Writing Competition.  My stomach has been doing flips all day knowing that my work will be “judged”.  I truly believe my anxiety is not from the thought of losing, but more to the what ifs. 

I am sure that the mid-grade and teen completion will be stiff, but what if my story gets noticed.  What if my name gets called at the conference in October.  I think I may do one of two things – a) faint or b) throw up.  I am hoping for neither, but this could be a great opportunity. 

The dream to be a published writer is relatively new and I have the great support of my family and my critique group.  I am still just a newbie.  I feel like I should have to suffer for years before my work gets noticed.  Still, I believe in my story and it is still evolving. 

I will have four months to fine tune the rest of the story, and make it truly great.  For now, I will just have to sit and keep focused on what I can control.  Wish me luck.


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