In Search Of…

In the late 70’s until the early 80’s, there was a show that captured my imagination and opened my mine to a world of hidden wonder – In Search Of… starring Leonard Nemoy. Each episode brought the viewer along for a search for wondrous things. One week might be UFO’s or Big Foot or Loch Ness Monster. I could not get enough, but they never proved that these things exist.

Today, I am living an In Search Of, except it is for an agent and/or publisher. I know they are out there, but so far the evidence has not come to prove their existence.

Of course I am saying this with tongue firmly planted in my cheek. I have only just begun my query process and know it can take a long time, and possibly several manuscripts, to get picked up (if you do indeed have the talent).

I believe in my ability and the stories I have written and hope to be reporting good news in the future. For now, I continue my quest to find somebody else to pull me out of the slush and say “hey, I love this!”

Until then, I will keep writing, revising, repeat.


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