Poetry About an Object

Recently, I had the great opportunity to be a part of a workshop lead by the very talented Nikki Grimes. While I had no thoughts of writing in verse, Nikki’s poetry exercises were a great creative workout. I enjoyed creating concepts and characters using separate poems to move a story along its arc.

The one assignment from that day that sticks in my mind is writing a poem based on a single word/object. The goal was to write about the word so the reader could get a true sense of how it feels, what it looks like, how it moves, etc.

While she gave us 10 objects to chose from, it can work with any object. The word I chose was ‘leaf’. Here is what I came up with.

Leaf is a cool word,
It shades me from the summer sun.
Green and smooth,
It sways in the breeze
Til autumn comes,
Bringing death in bright hues
Of yellow, orange and red.


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