You cannot find inspiration, inspiration finds you

Lately, I have sat down to write, because I said I would write at that time, and stared at the screen. I may type the beginning to a sentence only to be stuck on one word or the best descriptors for some minute detail.  Half hour later there was not much worth keeping.

Other times, I will be in the car or in the middle of a conversation about something the farthest away from my story and AHA!  Ideas start flowing like beer during Oktoberfest.  Sometimes I can scraw a few thoughts on the back of a receipt or, if I am lucky, get it on my iPad.  Others are left to my own ability to remember what the heck I was thinking. The important thing is knowing that those are the ideas that carry my story along, providing critical moments in defining the character or taking the action in a cool direction. 

So, I began to think about this strange phenomenon and realized that the harder I search for the inspiration for my writing, the more I get nothing done.  Harnessing the inspiration that finds me is the key to my story being great.

I wish everybody the best of luck in capturing their own inspirational moments, whenever they happen and catch that lightning in the bottle. 


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